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Microservices with .NET Core

ASP.NET Core RESTful APIs as microservices and shared as Docker images.

New on .NET Core?

Complete training to build a RESTful API with ASP.NET Core MVC, Entity Framework and automated tests with xUnit.

05 September 2019

How to install Docker on Ubuntu

Docker container images allow us to optimize the process of creating, deploying, and running applications. Let's start by installing Docker to get these benefits and learn more about how it works.

03 September 2019

First .NET Core project using CLI

Let's create our first .NET Core project using CLI and understand the initial file structure.

30 August 2019

Get started with .NET Core

Let's set up our development environment and build a RESTful API using ASP.NET Core MVC with Entity Framework Core and xUnit to write automated tests.

29 August 2019

How to install .NET Core SDK on Ubuntu

In this post I will show an easy way to manually install the .NET Core SDK on Ubuntu. For this we will download the binaries from the Microsoft CDN and run a few commands to perform the installation.

28 August 2019

Microservice architecture with ASP.NET Core

To implement the microservice architecture pattern, we build a collection of APIs with specific responsibilities that work together and communicate through events. Let's see how we can do this.

20 August 2019

API gateway with ASP.NET Core and Ocelot

Thinking about the microservices architecture pattern leads us to think of the API gateway. So, let's disccuss a bit and implement an API gateway using the Ocelot framework.

18 August 2019

Host ASP.NET Core on Linux with Nginx

This is a step-by-step guide on how to configure Nginx on Ubuntu Server to run a single or multiple ASP.NET Core APIs on one domain (no subdomain).


I'm Marx J. Moura. In this blog I write about microservice architecture and web application development.